Der Sinn des Lebens


The exhibition was based on an art film with same title by Finnish artist Johanna Raekallio.

Artist Johanna Raekallio (b.1980 Helsinki) is a Master of Fine Arts (2009). She studied moving image, site specific art and community art at the department of Time and Space at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. In her early work she has dealt the themes of inclusion and exclusion and searched alternative ways to arrange the society. Her praxis was split on artivist and activist activities such as the Poste Restante 33100 Tampere (2006) and Dublin2 (2011 and 2012) in a city space and to more intimate expression on installations and experimental video of which the der Sinn des Lebens (2009) is an example of.

Raekallio rarely exhibits her work in galleries but she is active in the SpeechKaraokeActoinGroup which makes SpeechKaraoke events in Finland and abroad in different art museums, clubs and festivals e.g. the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma (2012), the International Film Festival Rotterdam (2014) and Lavaklubi, Helsinki (2014-2017) to mention some. Raekallio is much engaged in the struggles for migrants’ rights in Finland and has been long working for opening a community space and political platform common for asylum seekers and citizens.

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