Through many years of experience in video, sound, theater, performance and event making and with his technical background in film and TV production, Sultan has been able to enter the art scene as a self-taught and launched the art space Underbanen, as an extension of his already existing work space in Frederiksberg.

Sultan has for many years been interested in art and cultural communication and it has been a driving force behind his participation in a number of social and cultural projects, organizations, and institutions, such as DFUNK, Ghettoblaste, Asylradio and CAMP (Center for Art on Migration Politics).

Recently Sultan has worked as a culturalworker at Copenhagen Municipality and is currently a performer and facilitator for Building Conversan in collaboration with KIT (Copenhagen International Theater)

– Founder and Curator at Underbanen (2017- PRESENT)
– Culturalworker at the municipality of Copenhagen (2018-2019)
– Facilitator at Building Conversation and Metropolis / KIT (2020-22)
– Participating in connection with the Trampoline House participation in documenta 15 (2020-22)

Selected Artworks, Group Shows and Exhibitions:
– Soil (2018)
– Through The Cube (2018)
– The Earth is coming back with Other Story (2019)

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