Headroom is a site specific show dedicated to artists working with visual and acoustic development – integrating analogue and digital techniques. Headroom is also a platform for improvising, creating new pieces, testing live performances and installations in unconventional spaces.

Through performance art and installations, the invited artists are expected to create a space of interconnectedness between the guests, themselves and their artworks.

Hadroom presents up to four independent artists and artworks each time as a result of intensive and exploratory workshops to create a cohesive collective experience.

The artists have the autonomy to propose the methodology most convenient for developing their own perspectives and narratives.
Headroom is a one-day event, sometimes followed by an exhibition in which the participants explore the idea of shaping space through performance, sound and visuals.

Headroom is an attempt to highlight the link between space, experience and territory. The goal is to contribute to the understanding of the relation between territoriality and spatial perception as two forces that construct memory and identity.
We try to confront ideas of identity, migration, otherness, individual and collective memory.